CCNA 200-301 - Collision, Duplex, and Broadcast in TAGALOG

Understanding Duplex, Collision, and Broadcast domains within 30 minutes.

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Created by June Veva Jr.
Last updated Fri, 04-Feb-2022
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Course overview

Tagalog and English (TAGLISH) version.

What You Will Learn?

In this course, you will learn about the broadcast domain and collision domain, and Duplex. You will fully understand that Broadcast is made up of collision, because when all are requesting without any specific or separate domain, then congestion happens. Meaning to say, all the traffic passing from the same route gets congested and packet drops. Whereas in the Collision domain the device makes a separate domain for each process so, that no collision happens. On the other hand, Duplex refers to the capability to send and receive data. Duplex is often used when talking about conversations over a telephone or computer. A full-duplex Ethernet environment can use a pair of twisted cables for packet receiving and a pair of twisted cables for transmission.

Inside of the Course:

Collision Domain:

  • Collision vs. Collision Domain
  • Ethernet HUB
  • Back Off Random Timer
  • Jamming

Broadcast Domain

  • Broadcast and Broadcast Domain
  • HUB on Broadcast Domain
  • Switch on Broadcast Domain
  • Router on Broadcast Domain
  • Unknown Destination MAC Address


  • Duplex
  • Full-Duplex
  • Half-Duplex
  • Simplex


  • Downloadable eBooks materials
  • PowerPoint Presentations slides
  • Course summary images

All this and much more are explained clearly in this short course.

So, what are you still waiting for? It's a FREE online course. Join me in the next lesson and let’s get started.

What will i learn?

  • Collisions Domain
  • Broadcast Domain
  • Duplex
  • To succeed to this course, I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.
Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons 00:29:42 Hours
Network Fundamentals
12 Lessons 00:29:42 Hours
  • Collision Domain
    Preview 00:10:02
  • 01-eBook-ccna-collision-domain
  • 01-ppt-ccna-collision-domain
  • 01-ppt-summary-ccna-collision-domain
  • Duplex
  • 02-eBook-ccna-duplex
  • 02-ppt-ccna-duplex
  • 02-ppt-summary-ccna-duplex
  • Broadcast Domain
  • 03-eBook-ccna-broadcast-domain
  • 03-ppt-ccna-broadcast-domain
  • 03-ppt-summary-ccna-broadcast-domain
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  • Arturo Iskibel
    Wow. The course topics are straight to the point. No Fluff, No Preaching and more on Teaching. Kudos Sir June!